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New York City is the most populated cities in the United States of America. As a knowledge economy, they perform marginally better than many other major cities in the world. The reason for this is workplace strategy that enhances workplace productivity. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have undertaken numerus studies that have outlined the fundamentals of performance management and employee management that will improve productivity in the workspace. One of the specific types of workplace management that our workplace consultants deliver is called knowledge worker productivity. This kind of framework unravelled a workplace transformation that will help with productivity measurement and increasing efficiencies. Offices located on Wall Street are globally renowned for their stature and success and it’s because of the way in which they work, they have the right tools and methodologies that empower performance.

Workplace Productivity in New York Illustration

Knowledge Workplace Productivity

Knowledge based organisations such as accountants, consultants, technology companies, are a total result of the knowledge and energy of the staff that work within the organisation. The essence of knowledge worker productivity management is to extract the business value from the energy and time of employees. With this said, it is evident that it would be wise to master workplace productivity in order to cultivate and exploit this business value that your employees generate.

Performance Management Productivity

Performance management and enhancing productivity is all about the people. Advanced Workplace Associates have undertaken research studies that have elaborated on the factors that should be monitored and controlled in order to get the most out of labour output. These facts consist of things such as trust in the workplace, social cohesion, knowledge sharing and vision and goal clarity.

However, it is more than just the employees that influence productivity – it is the physical assets and property itself. We advise that organisation hire a workplace consultant who is a specialist in matters to do with workplace experience and space planning. With this advisory, your organisation will have the right structure and foundations to maximise the quality of its output.

AWA actually offer a workplace infrastructure review as part of their services. This review acts to assess how your organisations physical workspace compliments the components that make up the 6 factors of workplace productivity.

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