Workplace Studies

We get to know your business, your space, your work, your people and your dreams.

Our approach to workplace transformation is to develop solutions and strategies that help clients optimise workplace asset efficiency. We combine a series of tools that apply algorithms and theory, in order to formulate conclusions about your workplace.


Creating a Vision

This exercise will give us a good fix on who you are, your brand and personality and your organisations vision for the future. We will also unearth the behaviours you want to encourage, the ways in which individual and team performance can be supported and how we can use the workplace to effect those changes.


We capture information about the way space is used and how much of it is actually occupied at any one time.
The workplace utilisation study provides a body of evidence that informs the space requirement and supports discussions to manage occupancy expectations and opportunities.


We ask about your workforce, how they work and why they think they work that way.
We do this to get under the skin of how you work now and how your people would like to work in the future.


We work with subject matter experts to appraise your IT, HR and Building infrastructure.
From this review, we help you  identify and strategise  the changes required to best support your transition to new ways of working.
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Workplace Management
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: What Needs to Change Diagram - workplace studies

Future Workplace Strategy

At the heart of our approach is the creation of a Workplace Proposition that will define the ‘what, why, how, when’ of new ways of working supported by the outputs from the studies.

The Proposition will translate the alignment between business requirements and the behavioural, technological and physical solutions into a cultural, spatial and technological change management programme.


Interested in any of our workplace assessments or studies? To learn more about workplace strategy, contact an AWA workplace consultant.

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