Workforce and Infrastructure Profiling

Workforce and infrastructure profiling is a process Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) use to get under the skin of an organisation. By understanding employees and the physical workplace, we can tailor our formulated workplace strategy in a way that best suits your organisational needs. Workplace management requires detailed information and data such as this in order to ensure business continuity and long last change management success.

Our workplace consultant will use the AWA on-line profiling tools, focus groups and infrastructure interviews to gain a thorough understanding of how your workforce and workplaces work now and how your people would like to work in the future. By infrastructure, we mean HR policies and practices, IT systems, telephony, software, collaboration tools, hardware, building physical and system capabilities and constraints.

Through the use of our on-line surveys, we can obtain information from your organisations workforce in relation to:

  • What we do – Time spent in the office and elsewhere
  • How we currently work – Working patterns, type of work, working alone and with others, workplace utilisation
  • Working in the future – Desired working styles and attitudes to working away from the office
  • Workplace Productivity – Barriers to being fully effective, time lost and the reasons for lost workplace productivity
  • Change – What needs to change in order for people work in a desired way
  • Employee satisfaction – Level of satisfaction with the workplace and the general working environment
  • Meetings – The type and volume of internal meetings
  • Travel – Distances and times spent traveling to and from the office

AWA undertake reviews with key people working in key enabling functions such as IT, Property, FM and HR to understand the current and planned capabilities and policies associated with IT, telephony, social media, building infrastructure and people.

Call a workplace consultant now to discuss your workplace strategy on +44 207 743 7110Or you can find out more by emailing with your inquiry. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are based in London, United Kingdom but now work internationally across the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

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