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    In its early days of its existence, the Direct Line Group had a reputation for innovation and creativity. During the period of RBS’s ownership, a more corporate brand and approach was superimposed onto them. Now, following a period of rationalisation after it’s de-merger from RBS, Direct Line wanted to re-enforce it’s previous innovative and creative culture, translate this into a new model for workplace design and, using a change in workplace,  signal a new more collaborative, vibrant culture.

    We were asked to help by undertaking a study involving the occupants of a single floor in one of Direct Line Group’s buildings in Leeds. The occupants of the floor (Human Resources and Business Services) had limited need for adjacency and different work characteristics.

    To capture their vision for their future, we held a Vision Workshop with leaders using our Organisational Needs Profiler and visioning techniques. We followed up with a series of studies and engagements, including an on-line Occupier Profiling study, Workplace Utilisation Studies, ‘Day in the life’ workshops and an Infrastructure Review covering HR, IT and building infrastructure. All this allowed us to get a handle on the organisation’s needs as seen by their people and a sense of their view of the future.

    Then we introduced our latest research on Knowledge Worker Productivity, which identified six factors that are proven to link to the productivity of organisations that depend on Knowledge Workers. By blending the results from this research with the earlier studies and using Direct Line’s furniture standards, we were able to put forward a compelling ‘science backed’ Proposition addressing workplace design, IT infrastructure, working practices and a cultural change template for their new workplace.

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