Trevor Alldridge

Trevor Alldridge WORKPLACE STRATEGIST Trevor is an highly accomplished workplace strategist and programme director. Prior to joining AWA, he led …

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Michael Melani

Michael Melani ASSOCIATE | MARKETING SPECIALIST Michael Melani joined Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) as an associate consultant & marketing specialist. …

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Joshua Sumner

Joshua Sumner APPRENTICE CONSULTANT Joshua Sumner joined Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) as an Apprentice Consultant in 2017. He has an …

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Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas SENIOR ASSOCIATE Susan Thomas is a licenced interior designer with over 30 years global programme management experience. She …

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Chris Hood

Chris Hood DIRECTOR OF CONSULTING, EMEA Chris Hood is one of the pioneers of New ways of working, having led …

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The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity: Chapter 3 – Measuring Knowledge Worker Productivity…it’s not what it seems

Many researchers around the world have been in search of a ‘Holy Grail’ measurement of Knowledge Worker Productivity for many years. Whilst the measurement of work in manufacturing and service organisations is relatively straightforward using measures of output per unit of resource like ‘calls per agent per hour’ or ‘units per week’ or ‘cost per unit’, these are increasingly in appropriate for Knowledge based businesses and in fact have a potential to destroy corporate value.

The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity: Chapter 1 – Beyond Agile Working

Whilst the world has focused heavily on the asset productivity of offices over the last 30 years, reducing the cost of offices per head, often using agile working as a tool for achieving this, it’s becoming clear that the mobility afforded by the latest technology products can be used to aid Knowledge Worker Productivity.

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David Sterry

David Sterry  DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS David Sterry is Advanced Workplace Associates’s Director of Strategic Relationships. An architect by training …

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Helen Guest

Helen Guest SENIOR ASSOCIATE Helen Guest is one of our most experienced Senior Associates. She is a social science graduate …

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Tony Ecuyer

Tony Ecuyer DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Tony Ecuyer is our Director of Operations and Technology subject matter expert. Before joining Advanced …

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Karen Plum

Karen Plum DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Karen Plum is a senior workplace consultant responsible for our Research and Development …

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