Downsizing your Workspace?

Is your organization looking to refocus the business and possibly reduce it’s workforce? Office downsizing is a smart alternative that often reaps many benefits. Or, perhaps you’re considering an office relocation because your workplace is under-utilized? But what about all that real estate you are leasing?

In the 21st century, with infinite amounts of technology at our disposal, there are great opportunities to find a better way of working. Often, these opportunities equate to the different staffing requirements and further, office downsizing may become necessary. These opportunities will allow you to reshape your organization and make much better use of your office space.

Depending on your situation, you may be considering either selling or subletting some of that expensive real estate that is weighing heavily on your balance sheet. In our experience, we have found a workplace strategy study, which includes a workplace utilization study – can help illuminate workplace options.

We find that a great way to downsize your office space is to introduce activity based working and agile working methodologies. Multinational companies such as Willis Towers Watson, have undergone major workplace transformations to adopt activity based working across their Unites States property portfolio. AWA supported the change and strategy that went into their New York headquarters at 200 Liberty Street, NY 10281.

Advanced Workplace Associates can help with your office downsizing or office relocation objectives. We aim to find solutions to bring a new culture to your organization that will help optimize your office space. Our expertise is providing your workforce with new ways of working which will enable you to realize those cost savings your organization needs.

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