About the workshop

Date: TBC May 2023

Time: 10:00-15:30 GMT

Location: TBC

Cost: Free for members / £750 to non-members

Are you an FM / CRE leader tasked with reconfiguring your workplace for a hybrid workforce? Have you started this process but are unsure how effective the changes you’ve implemented will be longer-term?

The hybrid workforce needs office spaces that support collaboration and social interaction. This requires businesses to adapt to changes in how and where people work. It also requires them to keep pace with how staff interact with one another and the tools, technology and skills they use.

Leaders must consider how organisations will achieve long-term growth while meeting the needs of individuals and the overall team.

If these are considerations your organisation is attempting to address, join us for this one-day workshop. Among the topics we’ll be discussing are:

  • How is the role of the office, and the way in which an office workplace experience is delivered, evolving to remain relevant to a modern hybrid workforce?
  • How can we deliver a great workplace experience that meets the needs of staff and enables them to deliver excellent results?
  • How can we improve remote and home working environments so that individuals can collaborate effectively?

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