What we do

We work with leaders to implement multi-disciplinary programmes designed to help their organisation flourish in a hybrid working world.

In a nutshell we…

  • Agree C-suite vision and guiding principles
  • Assess what’s currently happening
  • Develop cross-disciplinary hybrid working strategies 
  • Develop and support your people managers
  • Monitor, review and modify your hybrid working policy

Our research shows staff often work more effectively in a hybrid working model

The expectations of employees have changed and hybrid working is a pre-requisite for many. Offering staff the opportunity to work at home and the office is an essential part of providing a modern employee proposition.

Increased productivity

9.5 days

Extra days employers gain from hybrid working

Gain a competitive edge


The proportion of organisations yet to introduce some form of hybrid working policy

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At AWA, we’ve been helping organisations navigate a path to agile models of working for more than 30 years.

Our research

Our scientific research and understanding of neuroscience underpin all of our work

Our tailored approach

We understand the challenges your business faces, but don’t arrive with pre-conceived solutions

We’re global, yet local

We have a community of expert consultants across the world who can be relied upon to deliver industry-leading advice that incorporates local sensitivities

We’re fiercely independent

Our solutions and advice are objective and evidence-backed. We're on your side and uninfluenced by commercial drivers

Our experience

Since 1992 we've been at the forefront in supporting some of the world’s leading organisations to implement new models of work


We’ve helped our clients save millionsby adopting hybrid working

Our Impact

How we helped WTWsave $100m per year and successfully merge two companies

When Willis and Towers Watson merged we established a new sense of community and helped the business save $100m per year through reductions in its property portfolio

Our Impact

How we implemented a robust hybrid work strategy for the RPS

We developed a highly integrated, step-by-step roadmap to ensure the Royal Pharmaceutical Society adopted hybrid working for the long term - without missing a beat.