In March 2020 most of the world’s office based knoweldge workers went home to work. There was no change management programme, no time for preparation as per your normal relocation journey, but instead lots to learn and adapt to.

 At Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) we’ve researched the world of managing virtual organisations and indeed have developed our capability globally as a virtualised model with people working at home with small local hubs in London, Paris and New York. 

At the beginning of the pandemic I set out to provide tips on what organisations should do to make sure they continued to operate effectively whilst people were working at home. The guidance was based on our research and experience over 29 years. It covers topics including socialisation, visibility, relationship building, trust, information sharing, personality and preferences.

Home working is the new normal, and traditional organisations have a lot to learn. Learn more by reading my Forbes blog about managing the switch to home working.