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    Upcoming Workshop: The Evolution to True Workplace Management

    As the world relies more heavily on the knowledge work community, we need to provide the right conditions for them to do their best work. This is not a “nice to have” – it is highly strategic and will be of particular interest to senior leaders. Given the importance of the workplace to organisational success, this demands new approaches, skill sets and processes from those managing the workplace.

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    Designing Workplace Experiences

    Having undertaken a two-year research programme with support services and construction company Interserve, AWA have been able to define, understand and apply the science behind designing effective workplace experiences.

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    2020 Visions Highlights

    A brief summary of the highlights of the AWA 2020 visions programme. Showing some insightful views of the world and the workplace in 2020 and beyond.

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    Our Latest Research and Industry Trends

    AWA have been implementing and researching continuously over our many years of consulting. See below some areas of information that may guide your understanding.

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