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    2018 Alternative Workplace Strategy Report

    Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Global Workplace Analytics, and Haworth Inc., and supported by Workplace Evolutionaries, have conducted the fifth biennial global workplace study. The report has pulled together data from over 130 organisations, representing over 2.3 million global employees.

    Click here to see the 2018 Alternative Workplace Strategies Report


    The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity

    In 2014 The Research Group within our Workplace Performance Innovation Network (PIN) undertook an extensive study involving a review of over 800 academic research papers to answer two key questions:
    1. What is known from the world’s academic research about the measurement of Knowledge Worker Productivity?
    2. What is known in the world’s academic research about the factors associated with Knowledge Worker Productivity?
    What emerged was a deep understanding of the world of Knowledge Work and 6 organisational factors that are proven to be associated with Knowledge Worker Productivity.

    This report explains the process we went through and the fascinating conclusions that were drawn from the research study.

    AWA 6 factors of knowledge worker productivity


    Designing Workplace Experiences

    In 2016, AWA started working on a two-year research programme with support services and construction company Interserve – to define, understand and apply the science behind designing effective workplace experiences.

    The initial paper outlines some of the concepts and sets out the agenda for subsequent reports in this series and can be downloaded here:


    The second paper looks at the research undertaken to understand consumer experiences as a basis for capturing the learning from that world and using it within the workplace:


    The third paper sets out a step-by-step process for defining and creating workplace experiences that align with an organisation’s strategic business drivers, encapsulate its personality and culture and meet its functional needs:


    The fourth paper takes a detailed look at the lessons to be learned from the consumer-facing world through 3 detailed case studies, and how this can help us support employee needs in the workplace:


    Check back for further papers later in 2017.



    The Utilisation of the Office

    This report is based on a review of our Workplace Utilisation Studies undertaken with organisations over recent years. It sets out some frightening truths about the way in which the workplace is being used (or not) and points at ways underutilised capacity can be used to get a better deal for people and shareholders.

    To receive a full copy of this report please email us at  info@advanced-workplace.com


    Workplace Change Management

    Apparently none of us like change… but this is patently not true. We like change that we are in control of and which we regard as ‘good’ for us. Changing to a new and better car; changing to a better house in a smarter location; changing to a new job that pays more money; changing to live with a new partner and so on. These are all changes we embrace quite happily in our lives because we are in control of them and perceive them (in the first instance at least) as being beneficial to us. But when it comes to change which is imposed on us or which we may perceive at first sight as being less beneficial to us than keeping things the same, we tend to be less than enthusiastic!

    The ‘Why’ Question


    Moving on….from Facilities Management to Workplace Management

    To maximise their value to their organisations, Facilities and Real Estate leaders must urgently step up to embrace Workplace Management.
    That’s according to Dr Graham Jervis the Author of Moving on…From FM to Workplace Management.

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    The Kinetic Organisation

    The ‘Kinetic Organization’ report created by AWA and sponsored by Regus, ’outs’ the weaknesses of traditional command and control structures and sets out a blueprint for the future organisation.

    It describes 6 ‘Kinetic Fundamentals’, 20 Operating Principles, a new molecular structure, new roles and a sophisticated organisational philosophy.

    The Kinetic Organisation Report


    Agile Behavioural Transition

    Why does behavioural change have to be so difficult?

    Over the last 6 years, we’ve given a huge amount of thought to the subject having worked on behavioural change programmes involving over 22,000 people in some of the UK’s most respected organisations.

    Behaviour Change White Paper


    Managing and Working at a Distance

    As more people than ever before are spending a greater proportion of their time working away from the ‘conventional office’.
    In this article, we ask ‘What’s the difference between managing and working at a distance and what do you have to put in to overcome that which you lose when working in the office together”.

    Managing and Working at a Distance

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