Launching Workplace House in London

On the 12th February 2019, along with five other organisations, we launched a new centre for workplace excellence in the heart of London’s Farringdon district called ‘Workplace House’.

The Idea

The idea is to provide a living workplace showcase that embraces the best of technology, office furniture and workplace environments in order to create a friction-less set of experiences. This new workplace will be used to show leaders and workplace professionals what a high quality workplace can look and feel like.

This new, top of the line workspace will also be used to test new ideas, services and products as they become available. The partners involved will showcase the newest innovative concepts, this will open the eyes and minds of workplace leaders to new ways of working and high quality work environments.

Who is involved?

The partners led by Kinnarps (the Swedish furniture company), included Ascentae (A distributor of collaborative technology solutions), Avocor (provider of screens and cameras), Christy Carpets, Planet Partitioning and ourselves, Advanced Workplace Associates. Working together in a collaborative style we have created a best of the best workplace experience showing all the elements of a modern workplace under one roof.

Designing Workplace Experiences

From an AWA perspective, we’ll be giving prospective clients experiences that will help them see the art of the possible. We’ll be demonstrating agile working techniques and spaces, but more importantly we’ll be experimenting with different lighting, colours, scents and technologies designed to enhance human cognitive performance.

As we’ve been developing the ideas behind Workplace House, we have been fanatical about wanting Workplace House not to just provide a great experience to those in the building, but also to those connecting in via workplace technologies such as Skype for Business/Zoom/Teams etc. We recognize that the experiences people are having on satellite have been less than ideal, and do not work for large meetings. Workplace House have implemented new and improved workplace technologies that allow remote attendees to have a phenomenal experience. This has been made possible by the microphone/speaker systems provided by Avocor and Ascentae that allow for advanced hearing and recording capabilities. The quality of cameras and screens give the remote attendee an experience where they truly feel part of the team.

From 1st March, AWA’s  global United Kingdom HQ is Workplace House. We’ll be using this workspace as a co-working space for our team, as well as an event space for our meetings, sessions and seminars.

If you’re interested in experience Workplace House for yourself, or want to learn more, get in touch via email:

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