Relocating Office and Enhancing Employee Performance

Initially, relocating your office is regarded as one of those things that is unavoidable and necessary at the end of your long term lease.  What business don’t realise, is that planning an office move is an opportunity in itself.  Moving office is a chance to step back and re-evaluate the organisation. When relocating office, a question to ask yourself is: “What improvments can I make to my new workplace?” or even, “What should be changed in my organisation in order to remain competitive?” Advanced Workplace Associates recommends taking time to re-think the possibilities and use the office relocation to your advantage.

The new office design of your new office should be one that takes into consideration human performance. You must consider what tools and technologies your employees would benefit from most at your new office location. The new property may contain an award winning view of the River Thames, but does it have the capacity to hold your growing workforce? Or perhaps, you need to consider a move to an agile workplace environment in order to get the office you’ve had your eye on. In order to achieve and align business objectives, its wise to get into discussion with a workplace solutions professional in order to maxmise the success of the transition.


Office Relocation and Change Management

For an office relocation to be successful – it requires top management and staff to be aligned. The goal and future vision must be shared by all in order to gather support and strength behind the office move. Workplace change management processes are an important asset to have incorporated throughout the relocation process. There are skills, attitudes and cultures that can be embedded into the workplace that will foster a culture to accept and promote change.

Realistically, there are always employees that require more convincing than others. These employees tend to cause discomfort around the workplace and require attention before the negativity spreads. Consider your employees and what is important to them, incorporate this in the office design and the new way of working. AWA often undertake extensive transition planning prior to making any kinds of physical moves or workplace behaviour changes. Ideally, putting human performance and employee satisfaction at the forefront of all new business goals will enable a successful and effective office relocation.

When your lease expires and your office relcoation in sight, make sure to consider your employees and their performance. Focus on enhancing the workplace experience and giving your workers the tools and processes they need to be better. For more information about workplace strategy and workplace management, contact an Advanced Workplace Associate on +44 207 743 7110 or by emailing

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