Do You Actually Need to Move Office?

There are some cases in which finding a new property seems to be the only choice. For example, your employees are currently on top of each other in the office due to poor space planning. Or it may be that your office lease is expiring and you’re getting kicked out of the workplace. In the experience of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), these situations usually spark the idea of moving office to a new a more modern workplace in Central London.

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Cost of Moving

Office relocation is an expensive that most try to avoid. If your office is already quite modern and your employees enjoy its design, you may be after a solution that enables you to keep what you have.

Did you know that workplace utilisation studies typically show that 40-60% of desks are unoccupied on average in a typical working week.  While many business leaders recognise that their workplaces are under occupied, others find these statistics more challenging to accept – particularly if there is a tendency for staff to be more visible when their bosses are around in the office! But the fact remains that offices are typically under utilised, so an office relocation for your organisation may not be necessary if a full office design analysis process is undertaken and new ways of working are implemented.

Why not try Agile Working instead?

To foster effective staff performance alongside better usage of space, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) often recommend that when you move office, to consider agile management methods. Agile working can encompass different places, times and ways of working which allow staff a greater range of choice, enabling and supporting them to do their best work. This can boost workplace performance, productivity and collaboration, while at the same time making better use of available space by using it differently.

If your organisation is moving office, then it’s essential that employee performance is a central consideration when planning and implementing the new working environment. It is often the case that organisations prioritise the importance of the physical assets at the expense of the performance of the occupying staff. When making changes it is crucial to implement appropriate change programs in order to maximise the opportunities that an office move inevitably provide – i.e. the opportunity to review and do things differently.

Make the step change into new and better ways of working when you move office. For more information about AWA office relocation services, contact a workplace strategy consultant on +44 207 743 7110 or email

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