Podcast summary

In 2021 we had to cope with a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity. Leaders weren’t able to make and communicate clear decisions about the future ways in which their people would be able to work.

But as time wore on, the lack of clear decisions started to prove difficult for staff who wanted to know what they were going to be able to do – carry on working from home, return to the office, relocate their home to another location, etc.

This episode features two return guests to see what is happening in their territories – the USA and India – 12 month on. It seems that more clarity is being provided, and while not always suiting everyone, at least people are now clearer about their options – and many forms of hybrid working are emerging. We also explore the situation in the USA and India as observed by our local Senior Associates, providing a glimpse into the trends they are seeing.

Featured guests:

  • Nida Mehtab, Senior Associate, AWA (USA)
  • Partha Sarma, Senior Associate, AWA (India)