Podcast summary

Are you still plagued by meetings you’d rather not attend? Do you wonder why you were invited or what you’re expected to contribute? Do meetings drain your energy and rob you of the time that you need to “do the real work”?

We discuss these issues and share what we’re doing with clients to help them break those patterns of behaviour by tackling the real issues underlying our reliance on meetings. This is far from a quick fix, but there are things you can think about doing today to make real change.

It seems we need to put more energy into planning our interactions with others. This is something that doesn’t always feel valuable, but if you’re going to invite six people to an hour-long meeting (imagine how much that is costing your organisation), don’t you owe it to everyone to ensure it’s the best use of their time?

Featured guests include:

  • Anne Balle, Senior Associate, Change Management, AWA (DK)
  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate, Change Management, AWA (USA)