Podcast summary

Many organisations are grappling with their arrangements for hybrid working and trying to figure out what’s right for them. You don’t need all the answers and living with some ambiguity and uncertainty is something we’ve all had to do since March 2020.

Things will change, and your response should evolve so that the agreements you have in place adapt to where you are and what your people need. AWA has a seven step process to help organisations navigate this terrain. We outline the steps, which form part of a change management process and we’ll explore why this is necessary to get everyone on board and feeling like they own the change and the way forward.

The pandemic has been hard, but this is an opportunity to put some things in place that we didn’t have before, and we’ve probably needed for years – like Taco Tuesdays!

Featured guests:

  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate in Change Management, AWA (USA)
  • Anne Balle, Senior Associate in Change Management, AWA (DK)