Podcast summary

Are companies simply going back to the way things were – or are they striving for a better future? AWA’s Senior Associate, Lisa Whited, reflects on how many offices were before the pandemic struck – full of noise, interruptions and inadequate spaces for concentration and collaboration. We also hear from two guests at a recent AWA webinar – Kerry Smith from the British Heart Foundation and Robin Shapiro of TBWA/WorldHealth. Both organisations are adapting to new opportunities and are engaging with their people to jointly design the future of work.

Passionate about the power of conversation, Lisa explains why they can bring about so much positive change. She also talks about the need to support managers to manage their people in a different way (particularly if they are working virtually or in a hybrid way), to provide the right conditions for them to flourish.

AWA Associate and workplace expert, Partha Sarma, shares what he’s seeing in India as companies adapt to employee feedback. Recognising that a world of opportunity is available through virtual working, they are even prepared to quit if they don’t get what they want.

Featured guests:

  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate in Change Management, AWA (USA)
  • Kerry Smith, Executive Director of People and Organisational Development, British Heart Foundation (UK)
  • Robin Shapiro, CEO TBWA/WorldHealth (USA)
  • Partha Sarma, Senior Associate in Workplace Strategy, AWA (India)