How Summer Effects Workplace Performance

Here we are, in the middle of summer 2017. The sweat is pouring as the temperature is climbing. As a workplace consultancy, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) can professionally tell you that hot weather can significantly decrease the productivity of your employees.

Hubspot reports that once the temperature reaches 90 Fahrenheit (33 Celsius) that productivity levels drop to 85%. The Cornell University in New York proclaimed that by changing your office temperature from 68 F to 77 F can actually double your workplace productivity! The last thing a company could want are office workstations that are not being utilised due to humidity and discomfort – this would be a sign of an under-productive workplace. Assessing important components such as workplace temperature are critical to the success of workplace management strategies.

It is essential that managers take responsibility of the workplace experience and comfort of their employees. Many times, minor characteristics such as these are left to the discretion of the facilities management team when they should be taken care of by team managers. A more productive workplace will lead to higher employee engagement and more goal achievement. It was reported by Hubspot that 80% of employees tend to complain about the temperature. This is a statistic that can no longer be ignored due to the dramatic climate changes the United States face.

For employees that work from home, this is an issue they don’t tend to deal with. A great benefit of agile working is that employees will have more control over their comfort and environment. As a result, flexible workers work harder, longer and faster than those interrupted by office heatwaves. The beauty of agile working is that occurrences such as broken air conditioners will not disrupt business continuity.

If the summer heat is disrupting your office functionality and workplace productivity, then as a manager you may need to reconsider your workplace strategy. Creating a workplace experience and design that is comfortable and focused on fostering the happiness of your employees.

If you’re considering making a change to agile working/work from home, contact Advanced Workplace Associates at or by calling +44 (0)207 743 7110.

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