Céline Chaverot

Senior Associate

Céline is a senior associate at AWA. Based in Paris and proficient in English, Spanish and French, she is a forward-thinker with more than 15 years of experience. During this time Céline has supported global clients to deliver cross-cultural innovation, experience design, workplace strategies and solutions.

Céline is an expert in changing working patterns, people performance and human experience at work through the use of new management models and technologies. She has contributed to designing new work and management practices in line with the latest research. Indeed, Céline has actively contributed to academic research related to the future of work as well as the development of innovative solutions enhancing wellbeing in the workplace.

Céline has also been involved in the design and implementation of agile and activity-based workplace culture, practices and solutions. This work has involved a number of organisations, including those in the technology, manufacturing and insurance sectors, among others.

Céline has an MSc in international marketing from the University of Strathclyde in the UK.