Celine Raguette

Senior Associate

Celine Raguette is a senior associate at AWA. She has more than 15 years of professional experience acquired in France and Quebec, where she has assisted complex and varied organisations at both an operational and tactical level.

Since 2019 Celine has focused her efforts on cultivating the security, fulfilment and commitment of each person on a daily basis. She’s also recognized for her work on building psychological safety in teams.

Celine contributed to the book Agile people principles: your call to action released in 2020 and translated into French the book Agile people: Edition illustrée. She has translated several other documents related to HR and people agility too, including the manifesto for agile people.

Celine is an Integral Coach – ACC-ICF certified, and an organisational development consultant specialising in business and HR agility as a facilitator and trainer. She is also an ICAgile accredited trainer, a member of the international Agile People network and a member of Chartered Professionals in Human Resources in Canada.