Helena Barcelos


Helena Barcelos is a communications and change management associate at AWA.

Helena is passionate about telling stories that connect change management goals and project intent to broader concepts. Her creativity, strategic mindset, and experience in implementing targeted brand campaigns help organizations to shape and communicate their goals.

Helena’s role in understanding various perspectives and the wider organizational context is critical in empowering employees. She builds trust through a robust internal communication strategy that makes staff feel an integral part of the change process.

Helena’s experience includes leading collaborations across functions, markets and regions. She has also developed and implemented effective and cohesive communication strategies that drive engagement and transformation to achieve the objectives of global organizations. In that capacity, Helena has led process implementations and trained multidisciplinary teams, helping them to overcome challenges to successfully establish and communicate global organizational cultures that feel local, while transforming employees’ perceptions of changes.

Helena is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a degree in social communications with a major in marketing and advertising. She is a certified HCMP® 3G Expert Professional by the Human Change Management Institute and a PROSCI Certified Change Practitioner.