Shuli Steele

Senior Associate

Shuli Steele is a senior associate at AWA, based in Denver, Colorado US, specialising in workplace strategy, portfolio optimisation, and workforce efficacy.

Shuli partners with large global clients on workplace, campus planning, and information transformation initiatives. She is passionate about helping organisations achieve short and long-term workforce and portfolio efficiencies by understanding leadership’s paradigms and parameters, developing vetted strategies, and building governance to support successful change management frameworks.

Shuli uses her diverse experience to match client’s processes with global portfolios, creates mission-driven strategies, and fosters successful change management through rigorous communication. Her education and credentials offer clients balanced perspectives from IT to Architecture, and waterfall to agile project management. She works with clients to solve their future of work challenges and has a thoughtful, holistic perspective on place as a resource.

Shuli’s approach to organising data and place has produced successful portfolios for global public and private sector clients in the United States, Asia, and Europe including Xcel, Cigna, Purdue University, and Seoul Foreign School.