Sofia Fonseca

Senior Associate

Sofia Fonseca de Nino is a senior associate for workplace and change management, specializing in facilitation, design thinking and research. Most recently, this research has focused on the impact of emotional intelligence and brain chemistry in team building.


Sofia has been embedded in teams within Spotify, HP and Marathon Oil to assist their real estate and HR leaders in driving organizational transformation. She has also worked closely with the workplace strategy teams at LinkedIn, Chevron and British Petroleum, among other Fortune 500 companies.


Sofia assists clients in turning their corporate mission into an actionable narrative to activate cultural principles in their workplace. She presents at international conventions and enjoys connecting personal purpose to a company’s mission.


She received a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard University and a bachelor’s in environmental science from the Gerald D. Hines University of Houston College of Architecture and Design, where she is currently part of the graduate faculty teaching Methods of Research and Thesis Prep.


Her most recent professional certifications are from MIT Sloane School of Management on Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategy and from PROSCI Change Management. She speaks Spanish fluently.