William Buller

Senior Associate

William Buller is a senior associate at AWA. He is focused on the way technology, workspaces and new ways of working can deliver time, cost and environmental business benefits. William has expert knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how business strategy, mobile working, sustainability, and technology can improve business performance and empower leaders to achieve their goals.

William joined AWA in 2020 to develop the Low Carbon Working proposition. Since then he has worked with A&O, L&Q and CGTC, as well as helping AWA to reach carbon neutrality. Prior to joining AWA, he led the Smarter Working team at Telefonica, delivering mobile working solutions for many customers in the CPG, transport, local government and policing sectors.

He is a regular contributor to AWA’s Insights articles, writing about subjects such as the energy and climate crises, the environmental benefits of hybrid working and the opportunities for low carbon working. He also contributed to the recent Work on the Move book from IFMA.