The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity: Chapter 10 – Making Sense of the 6 Factors

The 6 factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity, as outlined in the earlier chapters have been derived through a scientifically robust review of over 800 research studies. The papers were published in English, the lingua franca of scientific research and the studies were undertaken in many leading academic institutions across the world. We believe that our work therefore represents the best science in relation to Knowledge Worker Productivity generated anywhere in the world.

Fundamentally what we’re saying is that where organisations or units depend on the creativity, ingenuity and knowledge of their Knowledge Workers, the 6 factors are vital in releasing the energy, commitment and knowledge of individuals and organisations and focussing it on business goals.

In the end, each person on the payroll has a multitude of experiences and ‘knowledges’ that need to be visible and harnessed. Silly example I know, but I went to look to buy a new car last week. The salesman had previously worked in a health food shop. We got talking and he recommended 3 new ideas for herbal drugs that would increase the strength of your immune system. If you don’t know what knowledge and experience people have you are missing a trick in being able to deploy it and at a corporate level this could be immense.

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So in summary without vision and goal clarity and a worthy purpose it’s difficult for people to give their all to the organisation intellectually and emotionally. Without trust and social cohesion people will keep their ideas, knowledge and genius to themselves and their knowledge is landlocked to the organisation. Without a culture of sharing knowledge without being disadvantaged and tools to help it happen the knowledge in peoples’ heads becomes locked to the organisation and without people looking outside their world into diverse organisations complacency will almost certainly set in which may one day render the business uncompetitive.

So I hope you can begin to see how these factors all link together to create the conditions for Knowledge Work to flourish. To help leaders get a better handle on how their organisations fare against these factors we’ve put together a series of tools to measure the effectiveness of organisations and teams against the 6 factors of knowledge worker productivity. If it’s something you’re interested in drop me a line –

Next time we’re going talk about what the 6 factors mean to leaders, leadership and culture. In subsequent articles I’m going to share our thoughts on what they mean for individual team members, workplace design and management and the technology infrastructure needed to create the conditions for great Knowledge Worker performance.

Maybe you’d like to consider – how do you think your organisation stacks up against the 6 factors of knowledge worker productivity?

Improve your workplace productivity for your knowledge worker by getting the foundations right. For more information contact a workplace management consultant on +44 20 7743 7110 or email with your inquiry. Advanced Workplace Associates are based in London, United Kingdom but now work internationally across the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

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