Applying science to the management of the workplace

Date: Tuesday 4 June

Time: TBC

Where: Online

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This unique programme equips HR and workplace professionals with the neuroscience associated with work, leadership and the workplace to apply in their daily work. Underpinned by AWA’s research with the Centre for Evidence Based Management, the programme uses a blend of personal study, curated materials and six online collaborative work sessions – one every three weeks – to consolidate understandings and explore practical applications. The programme concludes with a certification session.


  • Managing work and the workplace, why brains matter
  • Cognition – how the brain works
  • Organisations, communities of connected brains
  • Getting your organisation on its ‘A’ game
  • The workplace environment, cognitive load and friction
  • Habits, learning, bias and change
  • Mental workload, burnout and capacity
  • The collective brain, working hybrid

By the end of the programme, delegates will understand:

  • How the brain works
  • The implication for work and place
  • The links between the brain, wellbeing and performance
  • The conditions for peak performance
  • The factors influencing the performance of the collective brain
  • Physical and virtual environments
  • Habits, addiction, change and the brain
  • Managing mental workload