The Under-Productive Workplace

No one can deny that high workplace productivity is the goal of most organisations. As a business manager or leader, it’s likely you want to improve the performance of your people – recognising that “doing okay” isn’t good enough. Advanced Workplace Associates share that view and work hard to help organisations achieve a balance between getting the most from their workplace assets and from their workforce. Don’t fail your organisation by fostering an under productive workplace

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Having understood from countless staff surveys over the years what gets in the way of personal and team productivity, we were interested in a survey reported by Forbes. This looked at the “under-productivity” of workers in different industries and found that people in telecommunications, utilities and government sectors admitted to wasting up to 3 hours per day! Also shocking was the fact that 16% of administrative staff also reported wasting 3 hours of their day. So why is this occurring?

The survey offered a variety of reasons – the presence of mobile phones, access to the internet and social media all provided sources of distraction at work. Other studies cited by Forbes point to noise distraction and the ills of “cubicle farm” office layouts.

In our experience, there are a whole host of reasons why people waste time at work – and not all of them are self-directed dips into social media! In many cases they waste time because they don’t have the right places, tools or facilities to enable them to do the tasks they are trying to undertake. Providing the right mix of spaces and infrastructure, aligned to what they are trying to achieve is key – and removing as many barriers and time-wasting frustrations as possible.

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) spends time and energy getting to know how organisations work before designing solutions geared to ensure every person on your payroll is as effective as they can be. An under productive workplace can cause immense expenses and requires an immediate solution. This will cover workplace design, services and technology, but just as important are the workplace culture and behaviours. If your goal is to maximise the use of your office space and at the same time enable your people to be as productive as they can be, it’s worth talking to a workplace management consultant.

For more information about workplace strategyworkplace productivity, contact a workplace management professional at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA).

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