The DNA of work

The world of work is changing. The key to success lies in harnessing your DNA of work.

We are the leading global independent consultancy transforming the world of work. We use science, research and our depth of experience to deliver exceptional results for exceptional companies.

Since 1992, our founders have been intrigued with how science and research can transform the world of work. This early fascination spread to working with like- minded people and the birth of Advanced Workplace Associates, now known as AWA. From the very beginning the DNA of work has been the connection between us all.

We transform the world of work for the better. It’s in our DNA.

In the news

Our diverse team of expert, multi-disciplinary thought leaders are regularly invited by the media to contribute commentary on the most pressing matters regarding work and workplace.

Core principles


Our principles guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, clients, partners and the wider AWA community.

Human centered

Everything we do comes back again and again to “does it work for all people?”

Business focused

We set you up for success by understanding and aligning with your DNA of work. 

Results driven

We have the skills and innovative tools to implement a dynamic roadmap for change.

Science guided

Our work is rigorously supported by the neuroscience of high performance. 

Climate forward

We approach work, workplace and change in ways that help the entire planet.

Fiercely independent

We are independent pioneering thinkers with no other influences.