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What we do as change management consultants

When people have been doing things the same way for long periods of time, changing behaviors can be challenging. Habits can become ingrained and are quickly adopted by new hires, perpetuating the behaviors you are seeking to change. We quickly get under the hood to understand why things are the way they are and support your team in shifting into new models of change that benefit the entire organization.

How we transform businesses through change management

We’ve developed an innovative toolkit for facilitating interactive workshops that empower staff to feel they are part of the solution. Our approach is grounded in science and our actionable strategies are designed to meet the needs of your people, your teams and your organization as a whole.

Even the best solutions need to be sustainable over time to change behaviors successfully. We ensure employee engagement by listening, by acknowledging their concerns and by communicating clearly with all employees at key points in the process. Training and support is provided to prepare internal “change champions” so they can engage directly with their colleagues around the change program and its benefits.

While our workplace change management programs are tailored to match your unique needs, the following elements are common to all change programs:

  1. Define clear goals with senior leaders and understand the motivation for the change. Ensure all possibilities are considered and answer the unanswered questions.
  2. Establish the facts on the ground. We need to know what employees are thinking, so that we can guide them through the change journey.
  3. Help people understand the change process
  4. Recruit and train a community of influential and open-minded change champions.
  5. Report to senior management about the success of the change program and explain how it can be sustained.

Why begin the change management process?

Change can be planned and predictable, or unplanned and disruptive. Creating a culture of change is imperative for not only surviving, but thriving in today’s economic climate. How your organization engages with and drives change can position you and your organization for future success.

What makes us the leading change management consultancy?

  • We understand the challenges your business is facing around work and place, but don’t arrive with pre-packaged solutions. Our approach is customized to match the needs of your organization.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of change management and the DNA of work, plus our decades of workplace change management experience, make us an industry leader.
  • We are both global and local. We have associates and offices around the world to support your global change management needs, while adhering to local sensibilities.
  • We are independent and focused on transforming the world of work. Our track record speaks for itself.

Client Testimonial

“Leading a major change management project in complex international organization is challenging undertaking. I knew it would involve multiple stakeholders, take wide-ranging collaboration and that we would need some expert, confident experience to help steer and deliver it. AWA has provided that, not by steaming in and dictating how things should be based on their ideals, but by listening to us, learning, understanding and advising. I have enjoyed working closely with them on this project. I have felt supported, they have always been available to discuss challenges and options and have always responded promptly, constructively and positively with solutions and alternative ideas for consideration.”

Tom Crame Head of Global Workplace, Amnesty International

“I have no hesitation in recommending AWA to any organization, no matter how big, as they have demonstrated to us that they have the capability to meet any challenge.”

Neil Jones BGUK Director of Property, Bupa

“Mintel has worked successfully with AWA for over a decade on several major projects. We chose them for their expertise and experience at the cutting edge of understanding workplaces. They lead the industry with well-crafted research to understand the dynamic workplace landscape and help solve the real-world issues of operating successfully in a changing world. Along with data and insights they bring practical processes that involve everyone from grass root team members to the most senior executives, developing effective change to meet all parties’ goals. They have become trusted advisers around not only workplace matters but in behavioral change.”

Peter Haigh Chairman, Mintel

“We have worked with AWA for more than five years and value the collaborative partnership we have with them. They have supported the ongoing evolution of our workplace, providing deep insights and extensive expertise. With their help, we’ve been able to create a transformational space which supports our hybrid working approach and transforms our culture and ways of working to become more agile and innovative. This helps us recruit and retain the best talent, which supports our core purpose of funding research to save lives. None of this would have been possible without the help of AWA.”

Kerry Smith Chief People Officer, British Heart Foundation

“AWA has been a great resource of global data and research for us regarding agile, hybrid and the world of working. They are responsive, willing to question assumptions, and work as a partner to help us make good decisions.”

Neil Austin VP Real Estate Portfolio Management and Transaction Services, Omnicom Group

“We were really keen to understand how the learnings and behaviors of Covid enforced home working would affect the post-pandemic return of staff and in particular to our Sheffield campus as we have plans to restack and refurbish the office space. AWA’s detailed and in-depth engagement process allowed us to reach out to all levels of occupants and really understand staff perception on what will be needed to create a new working environment that would align with business requirements and where changes in behavior, management style and space might be appropriate. Their insights also allowed us to create a blueprint of alternative space types that we’ve used to inform the repurposing of space across our nationwide estate.”

Steve Chapman Interim Head of Estates ICF Security, Estates and Information Directorate, Home Office
  • Workplace change management refers to the process of planning, implementing, and managing changes within an organization. It involves strategies and techniques aimed at helping employees adapt to new systems, processes, or structures in a smooth and efficient manner.