Published: 2021

Report Summary

For many people around the world, the pandemic has triggered a re-evaluation of lifestyles and life values. Data from the US shows that for most of this year over 4 million people a month have been quitting their jobs and the trend is starting to be seen across the Atlantic. A recent survey states nearly a quarter of all UK workers are planning to change jobs in the next few months with job vacancies soaring above other countries.

The ‘Great Resignation’ represents a risk to organisations, who may see the knowledge and skill of key workers they have invested heavily in over the years, disappearing out of their virtual front door to other organisations or sectors. The departure of these individuals will leave behind an inevitable hole, which, in extremis, could be mission critical.

So what should leaders be doing to both retain and attract new talent?

We’ve outlined a 10-step plan detailing the key steps that leaders everywhere should take to prioritize the needs of their people in this hybrid world.

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