Published: 2021

Report Summary

The report explores the variety of hybrid work options and the implications their co-existence will have after the pandemic.

Their impact has the potential to drive down the time workers spend commuting and to reduce the volume of office space businesses require. However, each of these options will place very different demands on the office and its capacity. If these are not managed well, buildings will be empty on Mondays and Fridays (days when workers prefer to stay home to extend their weekends), while office utilization will resemble Swiss cheese due to the pockets of empty space.

Not only will this be wasteful, but it will also create lifeless offices with little atmosphere or energy. Many people have identified they miss the social connectivity and buzz of the office, yet this will be lacking unless an effective hybrid work model is implemented.

We believe this will naturally lead to the death of the one-person-per-desk model in which people own space and will require far greater sophistication in managing office capacity.

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