For several decades, work and the workplace design has been evolving. It has been enabled by information technology and driven by economics and latterly human productivity. In the experience of Advanced Workplace Associates, we have found that different regions of the world, different sectors and organizations are in different stages of their workplace maturity development. There is a clear and discernible journey that organizations are on regardless of location of sector. Maturity it seems… is an inevitability.  

Around the world there are many commercial pressures which drive the rhetoric and prejudice about different ways of working with mis-information leading to confusion of terminology. Whether it be agile working or activity based working (which are the same), or perhaps some other buzz word, they are the next generation of working styles.

In my Forbes article I set out the stages of the journey and ask ‘where is your organization on the journey?’ and define terms like ‘traditional working’, ‘open-plan’ , hot desking, activity based working and experience design in the hope of bringing some clarity to a confused workplace world.

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