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The team at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) has been supporting organisations wanting to make a change to agile ways of working for over 25 years. While every client’s needs and circumstances are different, we have seen several trends emerge over the years. We are often asked to help clients when they are already on their agile journey. Some have started the transition but not managed to sustain it; others have run a pilot but got no further; while others thought that change management was something you did just before the “go live” date. While we can support clients and add value at any stage whilst they implement agile working, there is an optimum time to engage our support – At the beginning!  

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But we don’t live in a perfect world and recognising that some organisations don’t want a workplace consultants help, we felt there was another way to support them. So, we designed an agile working implementation training course – the gorgeously named “Agile Working Bootcamp”! There are no press-ups or dawn assault courses on our bootcamp, but we do take people through a simulation of agile working implementation in 2 days. This doesn’t turn delegates into AWA associates – that takes a bit longer! But it does help them see the big picture, understand what can go wrong, what is needed for things to go smoothly and to see things from different perspectives.

What does the course cover?

The course simulates 5 stages of an agile working project. These might be called different things in your organisation – but broadly these are:

  1. The scope for agile working – what are you aiming to achieve, where is the power to make the change and how to get stakeholders interested
  2. Developing a case for agile working – collecting evidence about how the organisation works today, how people use the workplace and the opportunities and challenge
  3. Selling agile working – people don’t always react well to change – so this is all about helping them to understand and adjust to the change in behaviour that agile requires
  4. Delivering the new workplace, which emphasises the importance of having an integrated project delivery team working to a joined up, integrated process
  5. Maintaining the new way of working into the future – including the day one experience and what to do if things start to go off track

To make this as realistic as possible, we use a case study to take delegates through the journey. The case study is based on a real client experience and we use tools, data and worked examples to help people understand the range of things that need to be tackled. The exercises and approaches can be used “back at the ranch” so delegates can share their experiences with colleagues.

Who attends?

The course is designed for people in Real Estate and Facilities Management roles and our public courses have been attended by people in different roles and stages of agile working implementation. This provides a good mix of experience and skills – enabling everyone to take a lot out of the experience. Sessions are highly interactive and delegates have told us they prefer this to a “lecture style” approach, as it helps internalise the learning. We’ve also run the course for single organisations who wished to immerse their whole project delivery team in a bootcamp experience. This also works well as an opportunity for teams to bond and start to work together.

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What is this experience like?

Our approach is informal and relaxed to support learning. Our trainers have years of experience and will fine tune the course to each group’s requirements – ensuring everyone has lots to take away. One delegate told us that after coffee on the first day, she’d forgotten about her day job and was immersed in the experience – enabling her to learn, share and develop her knowledge and ideas. Here are some quotes from others:

“Gave me better insight of the behavioural and cultural aspects of agile working. Up until yesterday my focus was purely on the workplace aspects.” “The course was very enjoyable with a good mix of people around the table and presented in a relaxed but focused manner.” “Very systematic delivery on the concept of agile working through to delivery and maintenance. I feel well informed to go back to my organisation and ask meaningful questions to aid our implementation of agile working.”

Is the course right for you?

Whether you are just starting out, are part way through or want a sense check, the course could be highly valuable for you. Two days with our expert trainers and a small group of like-minded peers (group size is max 10) is great value. All refreshments, course materials and tools are provided.     If you’d like to sign up to our September or November courses, click here or get in touch.

This article is part of a series written by Karen Plum, Director of Research & Development at Advanced Workplace Associates on implementing agile working. Karen has spent the last 15 years helping organisations transition to different, more flexible and yes “agile” ways of working. More recently she’s trained many people in the fundamentals of implementing agile working, predominantly those from RE/Property/FM functions who need to up their game, know what to do, avoid the common pitfalls and see the best path to delivery and sustainability.

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