What is a Workplace Consultant?

Workplace Consultants support organizations in implementing new models of working, thinking and organizing in the workplace to help their leaders enhance their performance and achieve their goals.

New models recognize each person as a precious and trusted contributor with the skills and competence to be able to work in the most appropriate places to meet their personal and business needs. These include activity-based working and flexible working. Old models are traditionally characterized by daily office attendance, and hierarchical management models.

To be a top-class Workplace Consultant, you need to be as comfortable in working at ‘C’ suite level as you are at operational levels. The best Workplace Consultants therefore have multiple layers of knowledge and experience, as well as excellent analytical, coaching and facilitation skills, in order to improve knowledge worker productivity and cognitive performance

What Experience and skills do Workplace Consultants have?

The knowledge and experience needed to be a great Workplace Consultant include Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Information Management, Design Psychology and Change Management – and crucially, the ability to make the links between these disciplines and the employee experience.

The best workplace consultants take a holistic and integrated view with a trusted understanding of how all these parts of the business (the people, technology, processes, policies and physical space) connect and depend on each other for success. Consequently, we’re often called ‘the glue’ by clients.

What Does a Workplace Consultant do?

We start out by getting to know your organization and working with your ‘C’ suite to answer the simple question ‘What are we seeking to achieve?’. Then through a Deep Dive Discovery process Workplace Consultants establish….

  • the business vision of the leadership in terms of what they are trying to achieve
  • existing processes, policies and practices that enable people within the organization to work; versus what they need to make this smarter and more effective (via the AWA Profiler tool)
  • the limitations and opportunities associated with the current technology infrastructure
  • the primary purpose, usage and constraints of the physical workplace

Then Workplace Consultants will typically:

Workplace consultants aim to develop the workspace by implementing change management models and frameworks. We therefore follow a similar approach to a change management consultant – but with a focus on workplace change (both physical and behavioral). Equipped with the latest scientific research, experience and management methodologies, we apply these methods to each individual organization in order to design a workplace experience that will enhance performance and experience.

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When to approach a Workplace Consultant

As organizations take the next steps towards their post-pandemic normal, there has never been a more important and exciting time to re-evaluate, re-assess, re-imagine and re-innovate your work strategy, to reap the rewards of new ways of working and create the best experience for your people.

How we can help

Our team of workplace consultants are experts in workplace innovation, transformation, culture and experience. We deliver innovative, integrated and evidence-based future work strategies, to optimize workplace experience and improve knowledge worker productivity and cognitive performance

Through our integrated and holistic approach, we enable you to make a crucial step change in the performance of your people and your business by incorporating new ways of smart working, including agile working, activity based working and flexible working.

Using a strategic blend of science and creativity, we examine all elements of your existing work model, including all practices and processes that influence culture, communications, space, IT, and information management, and provide trusted guidance to make them better, smarter and more effective, to meet business needs.

If you require support, or perhaps are interested in the latest workplace strategy trends, contact an AWA workplace consultant by submitting an inquiry.

Alternatively, you can email info@advanced-workplace.com.

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