What is a Workplace Consultant?

The professional services industry has grown and diversified as knowledge workers continue to advance and learn. The business management and consulting industry itself has developed into a large spectrum of specialty fields (such as change management, data migration, marketing consulting and more) that work to improve the knowledge economy across organizations. Workplace management is a consulting specialty that focuses on the workplace, workspace design and workspace experience – seeking to ensure that the workplace truly adds value to an organization and isn’t simply a cost burden to it. Workplace consultants are professionals, employed to help align the workplace to the needs or the organization. Potentially this can mean introducing new concepts, new ways of working (eg – activity based working / flexible working) and improving employee effectiveness by ensuring they have what they need to do their best work, day in, day out.

What Does a Workplace Consultant do?

Each organization and its workplace contain many dynamics and factors to consider when trying to ensure an optimum fit for those working within it. In order to achieve this state,  the workplace consultant will firstly review the current situation – how is the organization working today? In the experience of AWA, our workplace strategy consultant will review the following in order to understand the current state:

  • the vision of the leadership in terms of what they are trying to achieve
  • the physical workplace design and any constraints that may inhibit change
  • the usage of the workplace (through a workplace utilisation study)
  • how the people within the organization work and what they need (through a staff survey)
  • the technology infrastructure
  • current policies surrounding ways of working

By gathering the appropriate workspace data and analytics, a concise and tailored workplace strategy can be formulated in order to achieve the organizations workplace vision.

Additionally, workplace consultants aim to develop the workspace by implementing change management models and frameworks. In this respect a workplace consultant has the same mentality and approach as a change management consultant – but with a focus and expertise specific to workplace change – both physical and behavioral. Equipped with updated research and management methodologies, the workplace consultant will apply these methods according to the behavioural changes the organisation needs to achieve – in order to maximise the performance of human and real estate resources.

Ultimately, the aim of the workplace consultant is to design a workplace experience that will enhance the performance of employees. Further to the design, they will enable its execution by guiding your organization throughout the transition.

What Qualifications and Experience do Workplace Consultants have?

Successful workplace consultants typically have experience and qualifications in a discipline such as strategy, architecture, space planning, workplace design, change management, experience design, human factors or service management. They blend this expertise with generalist skills relating to business management, data analysis, problem solving, leadership, facilitation, communication and technology – enabling them to take a holistic approach.

Critically, the best workplace consultants know how the pieces of the jigsaw (i.e. the people, physical space, technology and information environment) connect and depend on each other for success – in a way that a generalist (or a specialist in just one discipline) may not entirely grasp.

They are experienced in crafting the right combination of integrated solutions to respond to each client’s needs and working with other specialists and generalists as a team.

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When to approach a Workplace Consultant

In our experience, organizations typically contact workplace consultants when planning an office relocation or office refurbishment – in order to ensure the optimisation of their workplace and people and ensure a smooth journey. Additionally, when transitioning to a more agile way of working , a workplace strategy consultant can help ensure  that the transition and behavior change required are planned and handled smoothly through deploying effective an effective change management strategy.

Advanced Workplace Associates and Workplace Management

Our team at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are highly qualified and respected workplace management consultants, having worked with organizations on a global scale. Our workplace consultancy has conducted research in the areas of productivity and performance and is at the leading edge of understanding how this knowledge can deployed to make a real difference. AWA helped develop The Workplace Management Framework, which has been recognized internationally by IFMA and other large-scale workplace industry organizations. The framework provides an excellence model for the modern-day workspace, helping organisations transition to a different way of using and managing the workplace.

Our workplace consultants can help to optimize your workplace to improve knowledge worker productivity and cognitive performance. Additionally, they are able to transition your organization into new ways of working, including agile working / activity based working and flexible working.

If you require assistance in your workplace, or perhaps are interested in the latest workplace strategy trends, contact an AWA workplace consultant by submitting an inquiry. Alternatively, you can email info@advanced-workplace.com.

Advanced Workplace Associates are headquartered in London, United Kingdom (UK) and New York, United States of America (USA). We work across the globe, this includes Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

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