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    Every organisation has their own culture and behaviour embedded into their framework and people. In order to break selected patterns and foster beneficial aspects, behavioural change management principles will have to be applied. It’s fundamentally what you say and the way you say it! A workplace behaviour change can focus on a variety of different aspects of the workplace experience and design. For example, an organisation can put their efforts towards improving collaboration, knowledge sharing or social cohesion. These are parts of the working environment that when fostered can provide significant results to workplace productivity and efficiency. 

    Organisational change can act to empower the way people work. A company culture is commonly embedded by employee development professionals. Therefore, in order to manipulate the corporate culture we will need to create new ways of working with a more advanced and agile management process. The way in which people work and the tools and space they use will impact the workplace culture.

    Alternatively, your organisation may elect to make a workplace culture change towards a more agile way of working. This is a task that can be difficult and strenuous without proper transition planning. It takes more than big ideas and big data to get your workplace working in a way that will enable agile methodologies. Further to the employees, the organisation’s leadership team will also need to learn about different kind of workplace management, specifically in regard to a workforce with new processes, tools and methods. Regimes such as flexible working and activity based working require support, time and consistent energy.

    To accomplish a successful cultural and behavioural change in your workplace, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) must work with your organisations communications team, project team and business leaders. The process includes jointly agreeing on effective communications messaging, tone, content and timing. Using a carefully selected network of Leaders, Champions and ‘Super-users’, we’ll educate your people from within and get your people involved in their own change. We’ll go on to train your leaders and people in new techniques for managing the modern agile workforce too.

    All this will bring about a behavioural transition which will be embedded across your organisation for the long-term.

    In order to implement a successful workplace behaviour change, it is essential your workplace strategy is thorough. For more workplace management advisory, contact an Advanced Workplace Associates workplace consultant on +44 207 743 7110  or email info@advanced-workplace.com with your inquiry.

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