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    There are many workplace management consultants who think that once the space is done, the job is over. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) take the view that the journey to an effective and efficient workplace experience has only just started. Whether its implementing new ways of working (eg – agile working) or an office relocation, the workplace and human performance require continual management in order to get to an optimum.

    For AWA, excellence in Workplace Management is about designing and consistently delivering great ‘workplace experiences’ that help your organization meet its objectives, gives your people the best opportunity to do their best work and subtly reflects your organisations personality. We make sure we achieve the workplace vision your organisation would benefit from the most.

    But delivering great workplace experiences day in day out requires a more sophisticated approach than is traditionally delivered by Facilities management organisations. It requires an extensive workplace strategy plan, highlighting the different workplace options that would work to enhance performance. Office space is not the only thing that must be managed, another important factor is workplace culture and behaviour.

    At AWA we provide development programmes and business coaching services to support Real Estate & Facilities Management, HR, IT and Operations Leaders in developing their workplace management strategies. Our workplace management consultants use the The Workplace Management Framework as a baseline in assessing and developing your organisation, processes, culture and capabilities.

    In order to effectively manage the workplace, we recommend asking for the assistance of a workplace consultant. A workplace consultant is a professional who is employed to modernise the workplace by introducing new concepts, new ways of working (eg – activity based working) and improve employee efficiency. Basically, they are the workplace management masters.

    Call a workplace strategy consultant now on +44 207 743 7110 to find out more. Alternatively, you can email info@advanced-workplace.com with your inquiry. Advanced Workplace Associates are based in London, United Kingdom but now work internationally across the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

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