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    In a competitive world, it’s vital that every ounce of value is squeezed out of every asset. Your ‘workplace experience‘ is no exception. Considering workplace design is essential to ensure you get the most out of your physical real estate assets as well as your human assets.

    Armed with data from our studies, we establish options for our clients’ future work and workplace arrangements, also we provide strategic advice on office relocation, refurbishment, deployment of remote working and flexible working, serviced offices and other ‘alternative’ workplace strategy models that enhance workplace environments. We model and design the workplace experience using 3D simulations tuned to our clients’ workplace priorities, desired culture, behaviours and business needs.

    Using our unique blend of science, creativity and culture, we design the workplace experience based on solid data and research. The workplace experience is then brought to life by the creativity and flair of our workplace design team. There are many ways of working, and so it is essential we create a space that will help your team work its best.

    The workplace design is more than just a fresh and exciting interior office design. It consists of detailed space planning for social collaboration, an appropriately measured floor plan to ensure workplace utilisation and also tools and technology that will boost workplace productivity. A strategic design is will change the nature of work for your organisation and bring your workforce into the future.

    Typically, we find organisations look to install luxury things such as a high-tech meeting room or an open plan office with sit stand desks, but in reality the design should be people-centric and support your employees work style and needs.

    Designing an Agile Working Experience

    When designing an agile workplace, the focus is to empower employees by giving people their best day at work every day. The aim is to arm our clients with new understandings and models of working – more specifically agile working practices and a more effective work style. These new ways of working act to enhance their work environment and provide supporting processes for the creation of an agile organisation. At the same time, significantly reducing real estate costs.

    The agile workplace is designed with the use of workplace data, this helps our workplace design consultants to understand the right desk ratio, styles, size and locations for different workspaces. The purpose is to equip your workplace to support a workforce with employees working from home. Again, acting to minimise space and cut real estate expenses.

    Important kinds of spaces to consider include:

    • Social spaces
    • Meeting spaces
    • Hubs
    • Storage spaces
    • Workstations
    • Eating spaces
    • Exercise station

    Create a better workplace strategy by getting the foundations right. Contact a workplace management consultant for more information as we are specialists in workplace design and workplace experience. You can call Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) on +44 20 7743 7110 or email info@advanced-workplace.com with your inquiry.

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