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    workplace utilisation - workplace utilisation study - workplace management - workplace design - real estate - agile working - activity based working - awa - advanced workpalce associates  

    Workplace Utilisation is about measuring space and time…

    Getting a handle on how organisations use their workplaces is essential in understanding the possible options for work arrangements. Additionally, it is also vital data when planning the right mix of workplaces for the future. We use a variety of methods to monitor how workplace assets (desks, offices, meeting rooms, filing and social spaces) are really being used. Every organisation’s workplace experience is different, and to understand it thoroughly will enable the appropriate planning for any future workplace strategy.

    For operational monitoring on an ongoing basis we can also provide a range of electronic mechanisms for monitoring the use of the workplace in real time. Utilising our IP based system and sensors we are able to integrate all data about the true use of desks, meeting spaces and collaborative spaces.

    You can download the report by filling in the form below, or read more about our workplace utilisation monitoring service.


    workplace utilisation - workplace utilisation study - workplace management - workplace design - real estate - agile working - activity based working - awa - advanced workpalce associates

    Why measure Utilisation?

    A workplace utilisation study involves assessing the use of all the spaces in your workplace which will allow you to see how well they are really used through time. This study can include work spaces like desks, meeting rooms, social spaces, restaurants and cafeteria. It can be undertaken with observers who walk the floors and capture the true use of each working environment. The study can also be undertaken with sensors that provide a continuous stream of workplace data to be used in space management planning. The data is fed to database and using smart analytics we can predict with a high level of accuracy exactly how many spaces of different sizes your organisation really needs now and future. Managing the workplace design and experience of your office is an essential part of effective workplace management. We can answer questions like:

    1. What amount of desks do we really need under different workstyle scenarios to support our organisation?
    2. If your headcount grows, how could we support it using our existing space?
    3. How well are our meetings used and what’s the ideal profile of rooms and sizes we really need?
    4. How well are our social spaces (cafeteria, break-out spaces, restaurants) really used and could we multi-purpose these?
    5. What is the potential capacity of our space to support a larger population?
    6. How much space do we really need to support current and future business needs?
    7. Which departments could adopt different ways of working and what sharing ratios would be most appropriate for different groups?


    When to undertake a Workplace Utilisation Study

    You should ideally be tracking workplace utilisation continuously, but there are 5 moments where it’s critical…

    • 18 months prior to the expiry of your lease and you are needing to work out whether to stay or relocate your office. We can help you identify how much space you really need.
    • When your headcount is growing or predicted to grow. We can help you work out whether you can accommodate increases in your existing space
    • In the occurrence of a merger with another business. We can help you strategise how to consolidate both organisations in a single building
    • When you want to re-balance your space plan to better suit the needs of your people and business
    • When you need to have tangible evidence to support your potential exploration of new agile, activity based ways of working


    Using observers we typically run a study for 2 weeks with a minimum of 6 observations a day. With sensors we typically install and generate constant stream of data for 6 weeks. Set up is easy, you provide us with marked up floor plans showing the areas occupied by each unit and we do the rest. We then present our findings using our unique ‘3D White space’ technique. Our workplace consultants will then highlight the areas and extent of under-utilisation and further identify the potential for more effective use of your workplace assets.

    We will then give recommendations on your next steps to realising the potential of your current or future workspace. We also have data that will allow you to bench mark against peers in your sector. The technique is designed to allow you to understand your employees as well as their space utilisation patterns. It will also be used as a guide in your future space planning. 

    AWA’s Experience

    For over 25 years AWA has been helping organisations of all sizes in many different sectors improve workplace productivity through numerous Workplace Utilisation studies. Much of our business comes from repeat clients and recommendations. We put this down to our fanatical dedication to our clients’ needs, and the results speak for themselves. We have pulled together a report which pulls together some of our findings over a long period, and gives some insight in to the way people have been using their office space. Effective space management allows for new ways of working, that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of office space.  

    For more information you can contact a workplace management consultant on +44 207 743 7110 or alternatively you can email info@advanced-workplace.com with your inquiry. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are based in London, United Kingdom but now work internationally across the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

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