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  • Workplace PIN: Transition Group

    The Transition Group is a peer to peer group of leaders interested in applying agile ways of working. Members work through 6 structured workshops a year involving case studies, provision of tools, and an on-line assessment against our ‘Agile Transition Framework’


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    Workplace PIN: Explorer Groups

    Run in partnership with The Centre for Evidence Based Management (CEBMa). Our Explorer Groups help teams of occupier and suppliers explore advanced concepts related to work, people, organisation and place using academic. Using workshops, academic research, guidelines, updates and live trials, participants develop new understandings to bring new ‘workplace science’ to their organisations.

    Advanced Workplace Associates has undertaken studies in Cognitive Fitness, Knowledge Worker Productivity and Agile Working.

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    Workplace PIN Sector Groups

    To help leaders compare performance and learn from one another within specific sectors, we run informal ‘Sector Workplace Groups’. We have dedicated groups for different industries – asset management, insurance broking, insurance, technology, non-profit and legal.


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    Workplace Week

    We are proud to be the organisers of Workplace Week every November. Workplace Week is designed to shine a light on workplace innovation and generate funds for the BBC’s Children in need charity. Workplace Week is a great development tool for those interested in Workplace innovation.


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