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    10:30–15:30 on 21 June 2017 at Kinnarps, London EC1

    An intensive Workplace PIN workshop for leaders in Real Estate, FM, Workplace, HR & IT (occupiers only) who want to take an advanced approach to the creation and management of the modern workplace

    The Issue: Every day we are bombarded with information, predictions and experts sharing insights into what the future holds in terms of the supply chain, economic and political changes, technological and manufacturing trends. The challenge is to pick out the wheat from the chaff – the truth from pure, uninformed speculation. And then to know what we can do with those insights. How do we prepare? What can we do now? What are the upcoming workplace trends?

    Our experts have researched 5 key workplace trends which they’ll share at the workshop

    Workshop Aims

    1. Create an enhanced awareness of workplace trends that will impact the delivery and management of the workplace
    2. Share a method for considering the likelihood, impact and timing of the most likely trends / developments that you can use in the future
    3. Identify practical things you can do to meet the changes that seem most likely and will have most impact
    4. Enable you to take time out to think about the future and what the upcoming developments will mean
    5. Help you be better prepared and knowledgeable about which trends are “fads” and which are “serious”
    10:15 Coffee
    10:30 Welcome & Introductions

    Key Workplace Trends we think you need to know about & how to assess them


    Trend 1: Digitisation of workplace management & what it means for you


    Trend 2: FM Industry Supply Side trends & how to respond

    12:30 Lunch

    Trend 3: Labour market / working pattern trends & what they mean

    Trend 4: Flexibility of workplace infrastructure & how to plan

    Trend 5: AI/automation & the implication for jobs and skills


    Wrap up and future PIN events – close at 15:30


    Our Contributors

    Tony Ecuyer, Director of Operations, AWA

    Trend 1: Digitisation of the workplace

    Tony is AWA’s IT subject matter expert. Before joining AWA, Tony had 15 years’ experience delivering major business change projects within the insurance sector with Aviva. He’s an IT, business analysis and programme management professional and with AWA has undertaken projects for RBS, The Home Office, Nationwide Building Society, Unicef UK, UK Power Networks, Roche and Willis Towers Watson.

    Steve Cox, Senior Associate, AWA

    Trend 2: FM industry supply side changes

    Steve is a highly experienced FM professional, working at senior management and director level for client and supplier organisations. For the last 10 years he headed the CRE, FM and procurement functions for a FTSE 100 financial services organisation focusing on strategic direction and delivery. Steve recently managed the successful procurement of a new hybrid FM provider for a global oil research organisation

    Chris Hood, US Director of Consulting, AWA

    Trend 3: Labour market and work patterns

    Chris led Hewlett Packard’s early initiatives in the field of Activity Based and Agile Working. Prior to joining AWA, Chris was a senior consultant at CBRE, sharing his 30 year workplace knowledge and experience with a wide range of the world’s very best companies. With AWA he is working with Willis Towers Watson principally in the US.

    David Sterry, Director of Strategic Relationships, AWA

    Trend 4: Infrastructure flexibility

    David is an architect by training and worked in the worlds of FM and workplace for 30 years on both supply side and occupier side. With AWA, David has undertaken projects for organisations including Portsmouth Water, Direct Line Group, Unicef UK, UK Power Networks and BUPA.

    Colombine Gardair, Senior Associate, AWA

    Trend 5: AI/automation

    Colombine is a multi-skilled Human Factors specialist, with a proven track record of utilising qualitative methods to effectively deliver human-centred solutions. She has a PhD in Human Interaction and has a keen ability to research and understand how design affects interactions between humans. At AWA she has worked with Interserve and is a key contributor to the various elements of our Performance Innovation Network.

    Andrew Mawson, Founder & Managing Director, AWA

    One of the UK’s leading thinkers on the evolution of work and the workplace. Since founding AWA nearly 25 years ago, Andrew has worked at strategic level with many organisations including Merrill Lynch, RBS, Network Rail, Santander, Unicef UK, Welcome Break, Willis Towers Watson and BFI. Andrew has also been closely involved in the Workplace PIN since its inception and has directed a number of research projects on knowledge worker productivity, managing the agile workforce and cognitive fitness.

    If you would like to learn more about workplace trends and talk to a workplace management consultant, then attend as our guest. Please call us now on +44 207 743 7110, email Karen Plum at kplum@advanced-workplace.com

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