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  • Transition Planning

    Design, technology and behavioural change, blended with excellent interpersonal and political skills, are needed to make a lasting change to more agile ways of working. Workplace transformations need to be planned and managed continuously to ensure the strategic success.



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    Business Coaching

    Once the planning’s done we help you get your arguments, business case and messaging straight. Further to this we support you in gaining the engagement of the right people and build the materials you need to bring the change to life. Business coaching sessions are the optimum tool to refine and refocus your approach within your organisation.



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    Agile Working

    AWA provide organisations with the tools they need to implement and sustain agile working throughout their workplace. It enables employees to work with flexibility and with higher productivity levels. The transition to agile working provides a culture change that increases social collaboration and creates a better utilisation of office space.

    Agile working is also referred to as Activity Based Working.



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    Office Relocation

    We work as a trusted independent advisers in the decision process, providing data, advice and experience. Moving office is a massive venture that requires expert office relocation services in order to minimise the risk and cost of moving.



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