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    The road to cultural transition is a complex one. Transition planning is essential for the success and longevity of any workplace management initiative. By preparing for change, it enables the step towards it to be smooth and effective. Organisations commonly need thorough transition planning when undertaking relocating office or when implementing agile working in their workplace.

    Achieving large scale cultural transition to new forms of working in large organisations is a complex political and technical puzzle. Aspects of culture require specific attributes and science to be able to make an effective change. The project plan will require a workplace strategy consultant with high quality technical skills, a great deal of confidence and political savvy.

    The workplace strategy consultants of AWA have been active in transition planning on global agile projects. They have experienced most of the workplace challenges that pioneering leaders will face. The process of transition planning includes working with clients to map out the transition path. By lining up a sequence of activities covering arguments, big data and case studies, the transition to agile working will be a breeze. The workplace strategy will also include pilot feedback, leader engagement, steering groups, workplace education and infrastructure development in order to move the agile agenda forward.

    To accompany the transition, the change management consultant will actively participate in managing the change process. Business change can be a monstrous feat, but commonly instrumental to business success. Cultural change in particular is a component of the workplace that requires rigorous planning, strategies and executions.

    If your organisation is planning to make the step change towards a better workplace, then transition planning is essential to its success. Call us now on +44 207 743 7110 to find out more or email info@advanced-workplace.com with your inquiry. Advanced Workplace Associates are based in London, United Kingdom but now work internationally across the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

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