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  • Workplace PIN – Jan 2016 – Workplace Optimisation

    Workplace Optimisation

    This Workplace PIN workshop focused on the way organisations make decisions about workplace optimisation, often only considering cost reduction or revenue generation at the expense of the effectiveness / productivity of the building’s occupants. Since those people are generally the organisation’s most valuable asset – this approach can be short sighted, even if the cost / revenue imperatives are met.

    Many organisations undergo office relocation at some point, but many do not think to use this as a time of workplace optimisation. A good way to not only reduce real estate and facilities management expenses but to also increase workplace productivity, is to focus on a workplace strategy that enables better working and space optimisation – for example, agile working.

    The group spent some time working through a scenario to see how decisions can be made without vital information being available.

    We introduced members to  the PIN CUBE – a new measurement framework that pinpoints performance against 3 critical dimensions: Workplace Design Efficiency; Workplace Utilisation and Workplace Productivity. There was a lot of good feedback and discussion with members on the ideas and measures. More to follow soon!

    There was also a fascinating Case Study from Willis Towers Watson – exploring their experience of agile working and their upcoming 1 floor Pilot which starts in March 2016.

    Held at Willis Towers Watson, Lime Street, City of London

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    A summary of the workshop is available here.

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