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  • Workplace PIN – July 2016 – Getting the Most from Agile Working

    Getting the most from agile working – much more than just saving space!

    What is your Workplace vision? Can you sell the benefits of the new agile working world – and articulate a different end game beyond space saving?

    Implementing an agile workplace infrastructure with great spaces and IT tools is only the beginning. The meaning of agile includes the where, when and how people work. This includes flexible working, activity based working and other agile methodologies. An agile workflow has proven to be more productive, more successful and overall beneficial to the organisation.

    Yet because space saving is often the primary driver, many organisations stop there – and never maximise the benefits that agility can deliver when everyone has upskilled and adopted new habits and behaviours. An agile workplace is a transition an organisation should consider, especially when undergoing office relocation.

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    This Workplace PIN workshop looked at what the end game should be – and how to get there. We considered that the whole purpose of moving to agile working is to build resilience and flexibility into the workforce – it’s attitudes, behaviours, ideas, relationships and interactions. We also recognised that getting to that end game takes planning, persistence, patience and a recognition that change takes a while!

    A summary of the workshop is available here.

    Venue: Kinnarps, Farringdon London UK


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