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  • Workplace PIN – March 2016 – Emerging Technologies For Workplace Management

    Emerging Technologies & Workplace Management

    An optimised workplace needs to be proactively managed and there are many options today for gathering essential information about workplace usage. More critically, these systems also enable users to identify the availability of places to work within the office – even down to the noise levels and temperature. Other systems aid with wayfinding, particularly important when operating agile working within a large building.

    Emerging technologies are incredibly vital to consider when moving into a new office or modernising the way in which your organisation works. For further advice on which ones to choose, contact an Advanced Workplace Associates workplace consultant.

    At the Workplace PIN workshop we engaged in some lively discussion about current technology trends, and how the tech can help people have their best day at work. Contributions from Workplace FABRIC, London & Partners (London’s PR Agency and our host for the day) and UBS enabled us to cover a lot of ground and get a good understanding of the range of possibilities from sensors to IP address systems.

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    A summary of the workshop can be downloaded here.

    Venue: London & Partners, More London


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