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  • Workplace PIN – Nov 2016 – Evolving Workplace Management

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    Evolving the Workplace Management Organisation

    What does the future workplace management organisation look like? This Workplace PIN workshop looked at the idea of evolving the management of the workshop around workplace experiences. Members thought through the experience of arriving at the host’s office and shared how that was for them – before exploring what the host really wanted to convey. The host, Unicef UK also shared their agile working transition over the past two years in a fascinating case study.

    Whether you’re looking to improve workplace productivity or team work within the workplace, a workplace management consultant can help reshape your thinking. The workplace strategist and create an office designed to empower human performance and achieve business goals. Performance management will be easier and more accurate with strategic workforce planning.

    A summary of this workshop is available to download here.

    Venue: Unicef UK, Clerkenwell, London

    Workplace management - awa - london - uk - workplace strategy - workplace consultant

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