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  • Workplace PIN – Sept 2016 – Workplace Design & Personality

    Interpreting “organisational personality” in workplace design

    Just as people have personalities, so do organisations and their workplace design. During the Workplace PIN workshop, brothers Rich and Andy Ward (RAW Brothers) led a series of discussions exploring organisational personality and how it can be reflected in the built environment. The group explored the nature of branding and how this is a reflection of personality, but in some ways is quite distinct. They also thought about their own organisations and identified their personality and considered whether this was reflected in their offices today.

    Finally the group took a number of personalities (ruler, outlaw and jester) and brainstormed ideas for how these personalities could be reflected in three different areas – the reception, the social/collaboration areas and in client facing areas.

    Office design should be thoroughly planned out. Not only is the workplace design a factor that influences worker productivity, but office space planning is essential to maximise workplace utilisation. Its more than just the interior design, but also the strategic design aspects that influence human performance and success. Things to consider when thinking about office relocation or office refurbishment.

    A summary of the workshop is available here: pin-workshop-highlights-22-sept-2016

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    Venue: T Rowe Price, St Pauls, London


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