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  • 3 Tips For Flexible Working

    Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are proud advocates for agile working and activity based working (ABW). As we’ve highlighted in other articles (see below), alternate ways of working like agile working commonly adopt flexible working practices that help enable teams to work anywhere and at any time. This working style is increasingly being utilised in workplaces

    Winter and Workplace Performance

    It’s come to that time of year where the northern hemisphere starts to freeze over. That’s right, winter is upon us and our friends in the United Kingdom and the United States are well aware of what that means. It’s time to bring out the extra layers of clothing, time to start turning on the

    Why Are We Still Debating the Benefits of Agile Working Practices?

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    The Benefits of Agile Working Practices Without naming names, it is clear from the projects we work on here at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) that agile working practices can deliver significant financial benefits to organisations. Research shows that real estate savings can be substantial and more than offset the cost of implementing the technology infrastructure

    Mitigating Risks to Agile Working Projects

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    Risk Management in Agile Working In my previous blog I looked at the management of risks that occur in agile projects. The agile developments mentioned seek to deliver new ways of working. These developments require organisation wide change that support workplaces and associated services. It is acceptable to assume risks are more volatile at times

    Risk Management – Transitioning to Agile Workplace

    In this series of blogs on Agile Working we have discussed the difficulty of getting people to buy in to a different way of working; the potential dilemma of rapid change and consequential loss of control & the apparent comfort of remaining as we are when we cannot see how the future will pan out.

    Transition to Agile Working Gone off Track?

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    Transitions to Agile Workplaces All business changes require preparation, planning, execution and maintenance if they are to be successful and persist into the future. Typically at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), what we see is a HUGE amount of work going into the “birth” of the agile initiative, from those supporting the users and the users

    Want to Know How to Implement Agile Working?

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    The AWA Agile Bootcamp Session The team at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) has been supporting organisations wanting to make a change to agile ways of working for over 25 years. While every client’s needs and circumstances are different, we have seen several trends emerge over the years. We are often asked to help clients when

    Getting the Agile Workplace Experience “Right on Day One”

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    The Agile Workplace Experience One of my Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) colleagues has these words as her middle name! When supporting and guiding agile working implementation teams, we spend time and energy explaining why “just in time” or “we’ll do it next week” just won’t work. Being proactive always beats being reactive. Remember what we’ve

    Why your BAU Process Won’t Work

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    Most Business-As-Usual (BAU) relocating processes are designed around moving people from a fixed position to another fixed position (from “my old desk” to “my new desk”). Although not anxiety free, people have a good idea about how the future of work will look like and most will be happy with some preparation activity just before

    How to Sell the Change to Agile Working

    The question people often ask us is how they can “sell” agile working within their organisation. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone wanted to “buy” so that you didn’t need to sell the idea to them? Well essentially that’s the essence of Advanced Workplace Associates’ (AWA) approach – to help people to buy. It’s all

    How Much Data do we Need for Agile Working?

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    This is a question asked by a client some while ago. They were in a hurry and were a trifle frustrated that we wanted to spend valuable time running surveys, interviewing people and engaging with their senior leaders. As far as they were concerned they had the green light from the CEO and had left

    Why Can Implementing Agile Working Be So Hard?

    The simple answer is that if you’re going to become more agile in the way you work and operate, people have to change their behaviour. Now, think about that word – CHANGE! People say “change is hard” – but not all change is hard! Generally change that you don’t understand, that you can’t influence or

    5 Common Mistakes Made When Implementing Agile Working

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    People have been implementing agile working for years. There are lots of good examples, but probably even more where agile working has failed to achieve its potential. So what are people typically doing wrong? For a start, let’s be clear about our terms and discuss what is agile working. We use “agile working” as it

    Agility and the Rate of Change

    Agility Bill Gates is often quoted as saying that “we overestimate the degree of change in the next 2 years and underestimate the change in the next 10 years.” If that is true, and it does seem credible, one could be excused in placing more weight upon change strategies that are less disruptive now and

    The Difference between Agile Working and Flexible Working

    For years the two terms have been used in a rather arbitrary way. This had led to confusion and not benefited the management of modern workplaces. The dictionary meaning of flexible is adaptable, variable, or easily persuadable, tractable. Not the same as agile which evokes speed – rapid adaptability. Graham Jervis, Director at AWA, examines

    Is Agile a Buzzword?

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    I have been thinking about agility quite a lot recently and in the last few articles I have written have explored some of these ideas. I discussed what agile working and an agile workplace is as well as what makes this kind of office environment. But it occurred to me that if we individually or

    Agile Office Environments

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    Blogging has its risks. If people read them then they often come back with searching questions that require further consideration. Recently I blogged my thoughts on what people meant when they talked about agile workplaces and agile working and expressed the wider view that businesses and organisations need to meet the challenges of unforeseeable change

    What is Agile Working? What is an Agile Workplace? What do we really mean?

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    There is no doubting the interest that various professional groups and management gurus have in the term of “Agile Working” or “Agile Workplace”. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Graham Jervis, Director at AWA, examines the terminology. What is an Agile Workplace? What does it all Really Mean for Workplace Strategy? The CIPD has linked agile methodology to

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