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  • How to Map Performance Measurements to Strategy – Step 4

    The Importance of Inclusivity and Engagement in Performance Management In our previous blogs we described the first three steps to ensuring Performance measures are aligned with Strategy. Step 1 – Workplace Measures and Strategy Step 2 – Identifying Positive Workplace Performance Measures Step 3 – Identifying Quality Performance Measurements and Outcomes This time, we highlight

    Establishing and Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

    A few years ago, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) were involved in a research project that looked at the productivity of knowledge workers. We wanted to understand the things that contributed to the workplace performance of teams, so that we could help ourselves and others to focus on the aspects that science told us were important.

    What is a Workplace Consultant?

    The professional services industry has grown and diversified as knowledge workers continue to advance and learn. The business management and consulting industry itself has developed into a large spectrum of specialty fields (such as change management, data migration, marketing consulting and more) that work to improve the knowledge economy across organisations. Workplace management is a

    Relocating Office and Enhancing Employee Performance

    What Approach Should You Take When Moving Office? Initially, relocating your office is regarded as one of those things that is unavoidable and necessary at the end of your long-term lease.  What business don’t realise, is that planning an office move is an opportunity in itself. Moving office is a chance to step back and

    Do You Actually Need to Move Office?

    What you should Consider Before you Relocate Office Headquarters There are some cases in which finding a new property seems to be the only choice. For example, your employees are currently on top of each other in the office due to poor space planning. Or it may be that your office lease is expiring and

    3 Tips You Need to Know When Moving to a New Office

    There comes a time when your organisation may need to pick up and move operations to a new workplace in a new location. It may be because your lease is expiring and you need to seek a new cost effective solution. Perhaps your real estate expenses are sucking you dry? Or maybe your office design

    How to Sell the Change to Agile Working

    The question people often ask us is how they can “sell” agile working within their organisation. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone wanted to “buy” so that you didn’t need to sell the idea to them? Well essentially that’s the essence of Advanced Workplace Associates’ (AWA) approach – to help people to buy. It’s all

    Why Can Implementing Agile Working Be So Hard?

    The simple answer is that if you’re going to become more agile in the way you work and operate, people have to change their behaviour. Now, think about that word – CHANGE! People say “change is hard” – but not all change is hard! Generally change that you don’t understand, that you can’t influence or

    Agility and the Rate of Change

    Agility Bill Gates is often quoted as saying that “we overestimate the degree of change in the next 2 years and underestimate the change in the next 10 years.” If that is true, and it does seem credible, one could be excused in placing more weight upon change strategies that are less disruptive now and

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